Friday, April 12, 2013

It's a chiang mai dragon bathing suit!!!

I was wandering around Dillard's the other day and something caught my eye.  I was like, hold that a chiang mai dragon bathing suit.  And then I was like, oh snap, it is!  It's not acutally a schumacher chaing mai dragon suit but the fabric is incredibly similar.  So much in fact, I wonder if there were any copyright issues.  Maybe they don't know.  Anyway, take a look for your self.

Here is my all time favorite, Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon print

And here is the amazingly similar bathing suit

The only thing missing from the suit is the dragon.  But it's still cool.
Wonder if I wore this to the pool this Summer, if anyone would be all like, hey, that's chiang mai dragon!

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