Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Custom Drapery Panels

After buying drapery panels for our living room twice in five years and taking them down ultimately to have bare windows, I am thinking about putting panels back up.  I just can't make up my mind which fabric to pick.  I know I want modern and fun.  I am just afraid that I won't like it after I've had them hanging for a while and I'll be out more money on drapes.  This is the reason I still haven't wallpapered my half bath.  I can't commit. Here are a few fabric choices I'm thinking about...

Waverly One Wish Mint Julep

Waverly One Wish BlackBird

Premier Prints Dandi Dot Black/White
Dandi Dot Black and White

Okay, my living room has a lot of black and white and I'm leaning towards something black and white because if I decide to change the color scheme in the room it will still go.  I really like the dots and I think that's my first choice.  It's just fun.  I also like the waverly fabrics.  They're both about the same price and I can get them made from an Etsy shop.  Well, if the lady will email me back with the info on the dots fabric I could.  Which makes me think I don't want to submit an order if my business isn't important enough for her to email me back.  While the shop owner that has the waverly fabric was Johnny on the spot.  I like that.  Is that a sign?

Anyway,  do you like any of these?  Which would you pick?

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