Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Indoor s'mores....  so good.  I made the best ones last night.


I'm sure this isn't a secret but it's the first time I've made s'mores with nutella and I love it.  I spread nutella on each graham cracker instead of a chocolate bar and then roasted the marshmallows on a fork over the gas burner until it was gooey perfection (you can roast marshmallows over an electric range burner too).  Then immediately slapped it between the nutella graham crackers and it was amazing!  I think it was so much better than a traditional s'mores.  The nutella was already gooey and I didn't have to wait on the chocolate to melt. This is perfect for an indoor camp out or just having a late dessert on a Monday at 9:30 which is what I did....after the boys were asleep. 


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