Friday, July 6, 2012

Same old couch

What to do with my same old tired red couch?  I am still having trouble figuring out how I want to decorate my lving room.  I have an older red couch but can't get a new one with the little children in the house.  Not practical.  I just can't decide on a color scheme.  I love bright and bold and yet I love calm and serene....and black and white with a pop.  I bought the Schumacher Chiang Mai dragon pillows in aqua to revive the couch and they did.  I love all the colors in the pillows but I am trying to decorate on a budget and not buy all new everything.  That's the biggest challenge.  I guess my next step is to just start finding pictures that I love and try and go from there.  Here's a pretty room with a red couch.

via: Decor Pad

And then here's black and white...

Tommy Smythe

Why am I being so indecisive about this?  It's not like I won't change it an a year anyway...

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