Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I can't believe that ZGalelrie just up and left me.  Well, I guess I can.  It's not like I have bought much from them.  I usually just like to browse through the store and look and get ideas.  But I found some great pillows on their website the other day that I have to have them so I called the store to make sure they had them in stock and the Charlotte store has closed.  Serioulsy!  I still have to have those pillows so shipping charge it is.  I actually placed one order the other day and they arrived last night.  I don't know if you have bought any pillows from ZGallerie before but they are great.  They're large, soft and fluffy and really stylish.  I couldn't be happier with them.  Now I just have to wait for them to ship the second order I placed yesterday for pillows for the playroom.

Here are the ones that came yesterday.
I got 2 of these and they are going to look great with the Chiang Mai pillows I ordered from Etsy.  I just wish they'd get here already.

Chiang Mai Dragon Pillows - F. Schumacher - Pair of 18 inch - Aquamarine - Zipper Enclosure - Designer Fabric - Chinoiserie

Here are the pillows I ordered for the playroom. 
I'm loving yellow and gray. They will be perfect.  I can't wait  to lounge on these!

I'll post pictures when I get them all.

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