Thursday, March 29, 2012

Real Simple

Do you read Real Simple magazine?  I recently started getting it and April's issue came the other day.  I really enjoy the organization ideas.  Lord knows I need all the help I can get in that department.  I finally had time to take a look at it this morning and I found some really neat things to share.

You know those Asian inspired garden stools that you see everywhere these days? They look like this...

I think this is a cool twist on that.

These are tree trunk tables made by Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams.  They are a litle more expensive at around $370 each but I think there will be less expensive versions on the market soon.

I spotted these double walled clear glass mugs. They look really cool.

Double Walled Glass Mugs

You can get them from Canvas Home for $20 each.

Spotted this brush which I have never even heard of but will be bringing home soon.

This is the Goody QuikStyle Paddle Brush.  It says that it has microfiber between the bristles to absorb water as you style your hair to cut down on drying time.  Sounds great.  $12 at Target.

Spotted this mini printer that prints out photos like the old polaroid cameras that you can print straight from your phone.

It's a portable photo booth.  It runs about $150 on  I think this would make a great birthday or Christmas present for somone.

And last but not least, I noticed the Isala collection from Ikea.  Really cute and a great price.

Coffee tables, Armoires, sideboards...  Cute.

Hope you saw something you liked!

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