Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Go Bold or Go Home

Yesterday I briefly mentioned wanting these artichoke lamps.  They are to die for but way out of my price range especially since when I buy a lamp I always buy 2.  For symmetry. 

Here are the real artichoke lamps in all there colorful glory. 
And way too expensive.  About $600.00 a piece.

Well, I have these lamps.

I know, I know, pineapples and artichokes are not the same thing, and this lamp isn't as colorful or nearly as wide as the other.  But I was thinking...thanks to Sherry at Young House Love, I can spray paint them and add a nice white drum shade and voila, new lamps.  That's the idea anyway.  I picked up spray paint primer and spray paint on my lunch today.  Hopefully tonight they will start their transformation into.....ORANGE pineapples.  I have a vision.  Hopefully it works but if not there's always lots of other colors to try.
I'll leave you with some more images of my inspiration.

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