Friday, March 30, 2012

Inspiration Rooms

Wow! Talk about inspiration rooms.  Just came across the design website of Tobi Fairley.  What beautiful work!

Pretty pretty green!






Inverness Circle

Richmond Show House

Color me impressed.  Tobi Fairley is one talented lady!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Real Simple

Do you read Real Simple magazine?  I recently started getting it and April's issue came the other day.  I really enjoy the organization ideas.  Lord knows I need all the help I can get in that department.  I finally had time to take a look at it this morning and I found some really neat things to share.

You know those Asian inspired garden stools that you see everywhere these days? They look like this...

I think this is a cool twist on that.

These are tree trunk tables made by Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams.  They are a litle more expensive at around $370 each but I think there will be less expensive versions on the market soon.

I spotted these double walled clear glass mugs. They look really cool.

Double Walled Glass Mugs

You can get them from Canvas Home for $20 each.

Spotted this brush which I have never even heard of but will be bringing home soon.

This is the Goody QuikStyle Paddle Brush.  It says that it has microfiber between the bristles to absorb water as you style your hair to cut down on drying time.  Sounds great.  $12 at Target.

Spotted this mini printer that prints out photos like the old polaroid cameras that you can print straight from your phone.

It's a portable photo booth.  It runs about $150 on  I think this would make a great birthday or Christmas present for somone.

And last but not least, I noticed the Isala collection from Ikea.  Really cute and a great price.

Coffee tables, Armoires, sideboards...  Cute.

Hope you saw something you liked!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I don't know how many posts I've done on lamps but this isn't the first and it surely ain't the last.  I LOVE lamps.  I gravitate to them.  They're like a great pair of shoes for your room and yes I mean pair.  I always buy two.  I am always on the hunt for great lamps and great prices.  TJ Maxx and Home Goods are always good go to's but have you seen the lamps at Target lately?  They have come a long way in their home decor.  Here are a few lamp shades and lamp bases from Target.

Mix-and-Match Lamp Shade - Trimmed Shade - White (Large)
I have this one.  The grosgrain ribbon is a nice touch.

Flocked Lamp Shade - Yellow (Large)

Room Essentials® Mix-and-Match Lamp Shade - White (Medium)
These plain white drum shades are perfect for customizing a lamp for cheap.  Last weekend I covered 2 of these in fabric and wrapped 2 different white drum shades with navy grosgrain ribbon on top and bottom.  They look spectacular and the lamp shades were like $15.

Mix-and-Match Lamp Shade - Chevron Lamp Shade - Gold (Large)
This gold chevron looks great in person ( I bought these too).  I don't know about your Target but at mine, if you see it and like it, you'd better go ahead and buy it because they tend to not restock.

Mix-and-Match Lamp - Polyresin Lamp Base - Large

I have the gold chevron drum shades on this base. 

Glass Tear Drop Lamp Base - Clear (Medium) (Includes CFL Bulb)

Mix-and-Match Lamp - Glass Lamp Base - Large
I currently have the white drum shade with gray grosgrain ribbon on this lamp.

Here are a few others that I like.

Mix-and-Match Lamp - Polyresin Lamp Base - Large

Mix-and-Match Lamp - Glass Lamp Base - Turquoise (Large)

The great thing about all these lamps is that they are really inexpensive and you can mix and match the shades around on the bases which I like to do all the time.

Have you found any great places to buy lamps lately?


Monday, March 26, 2012

Do you Joss and Main?

Do you browse the daily decorators sale sites like Joss and Main or One King's Lane?  You owe it to yourself to check them daily.  I had been checking them everyday but never buying anything so I stopped looking and wouldn't you know it when I stopped they started having all these cool sales that I loved and could actually afford. Ever since then I make it a point to check them everyday.  You never know what you'll find and you can always get great decorating ideas.  Just yesterday I found a sale by Danika Herrick of the blog Gorgeous Shiny Things.  She's the lovely lady that sells Overlay's.  You can still check out her sale at Joss and Main for the next couple of days. 

There's a sale coming up on Thursday from Young House Love.  Should be a good one.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm ready for some of this

Summer's around the corner and I'm so ready for some relaxing pool time.  Feast your eyes on this...
(not looking at the man) Just admiring the size of that amazingly huge pool!
Calgon take me away! 
It's the World's Largest Swimming Pool -- off the coast of Chile

Look at that crystal clear blue water.  All I need is a Pina Colada and I'm done.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Projects Projects and more Projects

I have so many projects started and needing to be started I can hardly keep it all straight.  Pictures will be coming soon but let me mention a few.  I recently bought an awesome old wood desk at the ReStore and I am in the process of painting it.  It currently has a coat of Annie Sloan's Duck Egg Blue on it but not finished.  I then decided it may need to be white to highlight the green background of the bookshelves I just put above it.  Then I started crazy would it be if I painted the desk green.  Here are some examples:

(yes, I know this isn't a desk)

Beautiful inspiration right.  Anyone who knows me, knows that me thinking about painting it green means I am painting it green this weekend.  I am heading to Michaels at lunch to get gold rub n buff for the hardware.  I can always repaint it right.

Next project is redoing a china cabinet and them doing a gallery frame wall in the living room.  I need to finish the lamps I painted orange...if I'm keeping them orange.  I did start and finish painting stripes in the kitchen last week, so I can check that off my list.  Now considering doing stripes in the living room.  Who knows.  My husband will tell you if it stands still I will paint it. 

For some reason I can't get these out of my head.  I have a major sweet tooth.  Plus they're beautiful too.
Macaroons!  They will ship these from the Laduree store in NY.

I feel really strongly that I need to order these.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I need this

Do you ever see things and feel like you just need them?  I just found this round wooden coffee table at Old World Market and I need it.  Well, I really really want it.  It would be perfect in my living room. I love that it's round and it would add warmth and texture to the room.

Tribal Carved Coffee Table | World Market

Love this.  It's not a bad price either, just $299.  If only it was Christmas...


I can't believe that ZGalelrie just up and left me.  Well, I guess I can.  It's not like I have bought much from them.  I usually just like to browse through the store and look and get ideas.  But I found some great pillows on their website the other day that I have to have them so I called the store to make sure they had them in stock and the Charlotte store has closed.  Serioulsy!  I still have to have those pillows so shipping charge it is.  I actually placed one order the other day and they arrived last night.  I don't know if you have bought any pillows from ZGallerie before but they are great.  They're large, soft and fluffy and really stylish.  I couldn't be happier with them.  Now I just have to wait for them to ship the second order I placed yesterday for pillows for the playroom.

Here are the ones that came yesterday.
I got 2 of these and they are going to look great with the Chiang Mai pillows I ordered from Etsy.  I just wish they'd get here already.

Chiang Mai Dragon Pillows - F. Schumacher - Pair of 18 inch - Aquamarine - Zipper Enclosure - Designer Fabric - Chinoiserie

Here are the pillows I ordered for the playroom. 
I'm loving yellow and gray. They will be perfect.  I can't wait  to lounge on these!

I'll post pictures when I get them all.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Monogrammed Necklaces and Chewbeads

Take a look at these really cute necklaces.  You had me at monogrammed.

Acrylic Monogram Necklaces as seen in Lonny, Lucky and Southern Living Magazines. Available in 23 different colors. Block or Script font on a sterling silver or gold platted chain.  They take about 6 weeks to get but well worth the wait. Poppy's Closet $58.00

Have you heard of Chewbeads?  I hadn't until I received one of their bracelets as a gift.  Very very cute and a really creative hostess gift for a baby shower.  (Thanks Bern!)

Chewbeads Jane 100% Silicone Teething NecklaceChewbeads Jane 100% Silicone Teething NecklaceChewbeads Jane 100% Silicone Teething NecklaceJane Necklace

Cornelia Bracelet

Talk about arm candy!  These are awesome and really affordable.  Necklaces are under $35 and bracelets are under $15.  I'll take one in every color please.

Have a great Friday!