Monday, December 5, 2011

What's Christmas without gag gifts?

Do you do gift exchanges over the holidays?  I always love the kind where you show up with a gift and everyone draws numbers and then you can steal each others gifts.  The best ones are the gag gifts.  Here are some fun novelties from The Lighter

Bottle Of Wine GlassDid you watch the show Cougar Town?  I loved that they were always drinking wine and Jules had a named wine glass that could fit an entire bottle of wine.  So fun!  Here's one for $13.98

Smoking Donkey Cigarette DispenserThis one never gets old.  Maybe I'm just immature.  For $14 bucks you too could have a donkey cigarette dispenser.  I don't smoke but I still want this!

Elvis® Pink FlaskI can think of several people that should have this.  $13.98

Flair Hair® VisorsYou could get this for that lover of Diners, Drive-in's and Dives so he can look just like Guy.... $19.98

Three Stooges® Spilling Trick MugThree Stoogies spillign trick mug  $22.97  Makes me laugh.

Coots™ Young As You Feel FigureThis made me laugh too.  You're only as young as the women you feel. $26.98

Tipsy Wine Glasses SetTipsy wine glass set  $25.00

A Christmas Story™ Party GameChristmas Story game $25.00
T Shirts...
Dog Beers Tee

Can Do Guy Tee

And gifts from one of my all time favorite movies....
Christmas Vacation
Moose Mugs - Single MugMoose Mugs

Cousin Eddie Combo - Moose Mug & Dickie Dickie anyone?

Save the Neck for Me, Clark T-shirtSave the neck for me Clark
Merry Christmas SH#@%ER WAS FULL T-Shirt

Griswold Family Christmas T-shirt - Green
Jelly of the Month Club T-shirtThe gift that keeps on giving the whole year....
Christmas Vacation Advent House Calendar - SHIPS DEC 12Advent House calendar. I want this!

Christmas Vacation Snow Globe
Have fun shopping!

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