Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wish I had a new sofa

I really, really, really want a new sofa, but with 2 young boys at home and knowing just how often things get spilt on our current sofa, I just can't justify getting a new one now.  Maybe not unless I found one for a really good price.  Enter from stage right this little beauty....

Tha Marilyn sofa from Society Social.  Would you believe that this baby is only $749.00 with free shipping. AMAZING!  And it comes in super fun colors with different color piping.  Really!  You can find it online at Society Social

This is blue gingham with white piping

You can mix and match any pillows for the back.


Bengal TanBengal Tan

You can get this sofa in any of these colors and add a different color piping.  I'll take it! 
Really, it's not that much more than an Ikea sofa and it's way more stylish.  I think I could live with myself if I bought this and and it didn't make it more than a week without a spill because it's so pretty and inexpensive.  Plus, there's always scotch guard, right...

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