Monday, November 7, 2011

So excited for the Hoildays

I am so excited for the Holidays.  I just bought Lennon some toys at Toys R US on my lunch break today.  They will be from Santa of course.  But thinking about Christmas makes me think of food and the wonderful things we will have to eat for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  In case you are asked to bring something, thought this would be something good to try.  I saw this on Oprah several years ago and have yet to try it.  Seriously thinking about taking this to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

 This cake comes from We Take the Cake and it was on Oprah.  Key Lime Pie bundt cake, looks delicious!

Oprah's Favorite Key Lime Bundt Cake
SIZE: 8" 2 Pounds
SERVINGS: up to 8
PRICE: $28.00
Ships anywhere in the US from South Florida and comes in this pretty package

check out thier website .  There are so many cakes and cupcakes to choose from.  How can you go wrong?

Another suggestion that I just saw in the paper this morning is from Baskin Robbins....

Turkey shaped ice cream cake!  Looks so fun.  Perfect to take for dessert to Thanksgiving.  Kids will love it and so will the adults. 

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