Monday, November 21, 2011

Murphy's Law

Have you heard of One King's Lane?  It's an online sale site that has daily deals on a lot of really nice stuff.  So, once I signed up I checked it everyday, but there's a lot on there that's just out of my price range.  I still look occasionally to get design ideas but I haven't been looking too much as of lately.  Well, as Murphy's law would have it, just last week they had an awesome sale from a company called Jayes.  Never heard of it but I read about it on a blog and decided to hop over to One King's Lane to check it out and boy was I glad I did.  They have amazing accessories and they are actually affordable.  Too bad everything was already sold out.  I guess this means that I need to check One King's Lane daily from now on.  Upside...I found out about these really cool accessories.  And while their not on sale, you can shop them at their website  And you should take a look at One King's Lane.

Here are a few things on the Jayes site.

17" Round Serving Tray "Coptic Trellis Blue"  $89.00
Trinket Tray "Vineyard Trellis"  $16.00

Beverage Tub "Coptic Trellis Green"  $74.00
Caddy "Coral"  $31.00
Wine/Candle Coaster "Coptic Trellis Black" $21.00
Wine caddy?  This would look really nice sitting on my counter!

How cute are these?  Check out their site, they have lots of fun stuff.  I think anything from Jayes would make a nice Christmas gift. 

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