Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Holidays are right around the corner

With the passing of Halloween, it means that the holidays are right around the corner.  I am super excited for Thanksgiving.  I love a holiday full of family and eating.  And Christmas will be here before we know it.  Here are a few gift giving ideas in case you're already thinking about the holidays like I am.

From Wisteria....
W3678 Colored Scarves - Caribbean Clothes & Accessories
Set of 5 (1 of each color) for $34.00

W6703 Washed In Beads Necklaces Clothing & Accessories
Set of 3 (1 of each color) for $49.00

W4140 Tribal Beaded Necklaces Clothing & Jewelry
set of 3 for $39.00

W4871 Bone Photo Frame - Sunburst Decorative Accents
Pretty frames

From Ballard....
Bee Tote
Bee tote $12.00

12 Issue Subscription to House Beautiful magazine
$15.00 (the gift that keeps on giving)

Waxed Linen Totes
waxed linen tote $35.00

Custom Stamp -Wallace

Monogrammed All-Purpose Tub

More gift posts to come as Christmas draws near!

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