Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thinking about new lamps....

Just turned our dining room into a playroom/den and having fun decorating it but really thinking about new lamps.  Do I need new lamps?  Probably not.  Do I want new lamps?  Yes!  Of course if I buy a new lamp, I have to buy 2, for symmetry of course.  So, I thought I would show you a few lamps that I am thinking about.  Pottery Barn teen has a lot of fun mix and match lamp choices.  It's pretty affordable and their site lets you see what each lamp base looks like with the different shades.  Pretty cool. 
Dottie ShadeRibbon Trim Table ShadeLattice Shade
I bought the black dot shades probably 2 years ago or so, and put them on existing bases.  They really turned an ordinary lamp into something fun and eye catching.  I love the new rick rac looking pattern.  So hard to decide.  Some more expensive choices are at http://www.shadesoflight.com/.  They have a site that allows you to custom design your shades and preview what it would look like before you buy. 

LOVE THIS SHADE!!! You're shocked that it's chevron right??? I have 2 black lamp bases that these would look great on.   Chevron Drum Shade - 4 Colors!
 Euro Fitter Retro Honeycomb Drum Shade - 4 Colors! 16&#34 Mod Fretwork Drum Shade (2 colors!) 16&#34 Euro Fitter Trellis Linen Drum Lampshade
Check these sites out and have fun making your own lamps.  I'll post pictures if I decide to get some.

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